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Step 1: Bag It!   -No baskets or Hampers

Step 2: Book It!    -Select link above or call us

Step 3: Leave It!   -We will pickup from doorstep while you relax or work

Step 4: Love It!   -We return next day clean Fresh and Folded!


You fill out our instant booking section or call us to complete. Once we have the request we will book for pickup. Most can be scheduled for same or next day and only takes 24-hour turnaround, depending on load size.
Non-Contact pickup means you would leave your bags on porch, doorstep or any other desired location and we will pickup and send you a confirmation.
Once we have your order, we total it and send you invoice to pay online with credit/debit, Paypal or CashApp.
We never mix your clothing with others and always follow CDC guidelines in respect to sanitation. Once your order is complete it will all be delivered in fresh clean sealed bags to your doorstep, folded / hung and ready to put away!

Elite Service

$1.50 -$1.75 Per Pound - For Frequent(Weekly/Bi-weekly) Services (#0lbs minimum for all pickups)

*Includes detergent of choice!

*Includes softeners!

*Includes bleach for whites!

*Includes hangers for certain garments!

Happy Family

10% Off Standard or Elite

Per Order of 100 pounds or more, you will receive 10% discount

Bedding & Linen

Contact us for unlisted items

Twin/Full (regular) Blanket / Comforter: $12

Queen (regular )Blanket / Comforter: $15

King (regular) Blanket / Comforter: $18

Pillows: $7 per or $10 for set of 2

Mattress Cover: $12

*Minimum is equal to 30lbs of laundry

Pickup & Delivery

 We now cover areas all around the 757 area! Contact us to get booked!

Most pickups are performed same or next day depending on time and client load. Further areas from 23601 area code may need more pickup / delivery times! SOME FURTHER LOCATIONS MAY STILL HAVE A SMALL PICKUP FEE APPLIED.

Standard pickups are no charge unless there are unusual circumstances which are judged on a case by case basis.

Turnaround time is normally next day but larger and/or distant loads may take longer than expected. Carrier will always exercise social distancing and wear protective equipment when handling your laundry. Your belongings are never mixed with others and will always be delivered in sealed clean bags!


Easy as 1,2,3

Pricing is quoted upon check-in to our facility. Clients will be contacted to know estimated total and have option to pay with Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal or CashApp 3% transaction fee applies to all digital payments


Instant Booking!

GET ON PICKUP SCHEDULE NOW! Instant Confirmation

You will get a confirmation text or email letting you know we've received your request. All requests are in order of first come basis. Same and next day pickup are based on day, time and workload.
Complete the form below and we will set up an instant pick up to your location(if within our network location). Most pickups are expected next day to be delivered within 24 hours

Pickup Style (please no baskets / hampers, bags preferred for storage purposes)

We will reach out to you shortly to schedule this pickup, Thanks!


I do my laundry at this facility, they usually do my comforters monthly. Clean, professional and very affordable.

James S. - Elite Member

Senior Man

I stopped doing laundry completely! Im usually busy doing the week with virtual school, work and cooking. This makes things so easy at home. Tydee Clean is hands down the best!

Tammy Richardson

Attractive Young Woman

This service is amazing! we started using it in February and now use it more now because I work in a public setting and can use the extra cleanliness. We dont have to provide nothing, just leave our bags on the porch before work, most of the time the clean laundry is there on the porch when I get off. pretty cool

David Ferrell Sr.



Wash Dry Fold Service (non-commercial)

 Do I Seperate?

There is no need to separate your colors and whites we will do that for you. You should, however, be sure that your socks are not balled up, and that there aren't clothes inside of clothes, such as two shirts that you took off together, or shorts and sweats that came off together. These oversights will prevent your clothes from getting their cleanest.

 Folded vs Hung?

We will do your order any way you like. Maybe you have t-shirts that need to be folded and polo shirts hung. Just let our attendant know. There may be an additional charge if you request all your clothing to be hung. Our goal is to make sure your laundry is ready to wear or put away the way you want it to be.

 Clothes Mixing?

We wash, dry and fold each clients clothing separately, never with another order so you don’t have to worry about your garments mingling with the dirty neighbors garments. Your order is recorded when complete with number of pounds and recorded so our attendants can easily find the exact number of bags you left us. If by chance items are missing please call our customer service number immediately so we can begin to search.


Winter Break, fall break, Spring Break we know you like to get away and sometimes are in a rush. We will hold your completed clothing for 14 days during that period we will attempt to call you prior to discarding. We are not responsible for abandoned belongings and may sometimes apply a fee for large loads left over an extended time 

 Detergent Used?

All of our orders are done with a name brand detergent, fabric softener and dryer sheets. We also use an oxi-bleach (non-chlorinated so it wont fade colors) to give your clothing the extra brightening you deserve.

Many of our clients are allergic to the stronger name brand detergents or just prefer a certain kind. Just bring a cup or two of your detergent and let our attendant know.

 Damaged / Lost?

If you are missing an item please call or email customer service within 5 days of picking up your clothes. We will attempt to look for it and work with you on solving the problem.

 Need Products?

We sell both vending and regular size laundry products such as Tide,Gain, Downy, Bounce, and Clorox. We even have laundry bags. Just ask our attendant and they will be glad to help you find the product best suited for your laundry needs.


We are open to take inquiries and answer question around the clock. Response time may vary but you will be contacted at our earliest convenience. Thanks for understanding! 

Attendant on site times may vary depending on time of day. 


Although or drop off locations are in Newport News and Hampton,we may service most zip codes in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Contact us anytime to see if your location is within our network. If not, no worries, we may still be able to provide service.

Pickup fees may apply to ANY location depending on location and logistics.

 More Questions?

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