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Our 8 Step Process Is Simple

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1. Schedule A Pickup

Multiple choices to schedule makes it easy breezy! Select Booking, call or even text and we’ll get you on our

pickup schedule for that day or any date desired. Later day times may result in next day pickup.

Ensure to add any special instructions if you have any.  You will receive a

verification request via text or call to ensure your information is complete and to get your pickup time window.


2. Put It Out

That’s it, just sit it on the porch. We don’t transport baskets and hampers so any bag’ll do. Even plastic trash bags. If you prefer to have laundry bags in the future, feel free to order our branded bags Here.

Note: You don’t have to separate and sort colors, we do it all!

There’s no need to send detergents(unless you require to) we stock a good selection of major brands and its included in your service. Dryer sheets, softener  and non-chlorine bleach as well!

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3. We'll Pickup Fast Without Interrupting

We'll show up during your allocated time window our carrier will pickup your load.


4. We Weigh It

Once your load reaches our facility we immediately weigh it, count for the comforters and large items(see pricing). Our system is calibrated to account for dirt and extra wetness so you don’t get charged for anything unnecessary.

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5. We Call

When we have your weight and your comforters counted, we'll give you a quick call with your total. Most of our customers keep a card on file for future service with no interruptions but its not reqired. You can ask about other forms of payment but keep in mind that our carriers don’t handle cash so digital payments are always recommended.

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6. We Wash

With your needs in mind, we will ensure proper care and handling of your articles. WE NEVER mix your clothing with others and your special dedicated loads are labeled at all times in our facility. Our commercial machines do a thorough wash and our gas drying system includes great drying and sanitation of your load. We may have to hang dry some pieces if required. We fold and hang everything and sort by adult and kids so you have a piece of mind when it comes home.


7. We Deliver

Once delivered to your doorstep your neighbors will wonder what smells so fresh! Tell them about us and receive a discount on your account when they book their first load.

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8. Eureka!

Laundry done! Fast, simple and easy!


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I do my laundry at this facility, they usually do my comforters monthly. Clean, professional and very affordable.

James S. - Elite Member

Senior Man

I stopped doing laundry completely! Im usually busy doing the week with virtual school, work and cooking. This makes things so easy at home. Tydee Clean is hands down the best!

Tammy Richardson

Attractive Young Woman

This service is amazing! we started using it in February and now use it more now because I work in a public setting and can use the extra cleanliness. We dont have to provide nothing, just leave our bags on the porch before work, most of the time the clean laundry is there on the porch when I get off. pretty cool

David Ferrell Sr.


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