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I have never used wash and fold service before I really didn't know what to expect. While a little pricey I was extremely pleased with the service and the reliability of the service. Add a name to my once a quarter household maintenance plan.

I was traveling with my wife and two kids for vacation and we needed our clothes clean since we have been going to water parks. We called them up and picked up out clothes and dropped them off at the hotel. They folded them nicely and even gave us hangars for the polo shirts. We are New Yorkers so we can be critical. They did a great job and highly recommend them.

Awesome Service. Have used both drop off/pickup and pick up/deliver. Great job in folding clothes.

Absolutely great experience! I was frantically looking up laundromats as my washer had broke. I came across Tydee’s and was instantly intrigued in the services they offered. AND free pick up/drop off?! Amazing. I love that they had a variety of detergent available. We used the hypoallergenic as my son has sensitive skin. They handled my laundry with so much care. They folded each piece of clothing immaculately. Their service saved this single mom SO MUCH time and energy!!

I tried both drop-off and pickup services for my dad. Dads clothes were placed in 3bags folded and separated whites, colors, towels. In addition dads pj sets with collars were on hangers. I also purchased the extra large laundry bags which were easy for the driver to handle. All employees I spoke to were patience, positive, and pleasant. Thank you for helping me with my dads clothes.